Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a discount for grinding multiple stumps at once?

Absolutely, we do that!

Will tree stump grinding damage my lawn/landscape?

When it is done properly, no. We have a machine that has extra tires to minimize the pressure on a lawn.

Can your machine fit through my gate?

Our machine was specially designed to fit through a 35-inch gate – that’s a standard-sized gate opening.

Is tree stump grinding mess/noisy/dangerous?

Yes, on all counts. This is why we do not recommend the homeowner DIY approach of renting a small stump grinder. We have years of experience, and we use several different safeguards including a commercial grade protective screen, when needed. We also wear personal protective equipment when we are running the machine.  We are also fully insured to make sure the homeowner has piece of mind.

What kind of stump grinder do you use?

Our machine is a 2017 Carlton 7015. It can still fit through a 35" gate and has 74hp. It is a remote control machine so the operator can be more precise with the stump removal.

How do you know where my utilities are located before you grind?

We use the 811 utility locating (free services) before we grind. This can take up to 2 weeks to get results back from 811. It is better to be safe than sorry.