My name is Kevin and this is my tree stump grinding business.

A Tree Stump Grinder will get rid of your stumps but they generally leave an area that needs to be dressed up with a rake. Ideally, stumps need to be no more than about 6″ high. Our machine weighs about 4300 lbs. If you irrigate your lawn, or we have heavy rain, there may be a good chance of leaving railroad tracks in your yard. In 2-3 weeks you won’t know we were in your yard.

How We Remove Tree Stumps

Kevin and Sons' have one grinder.  Our machine is a 2017 Carlton 7015. It can still fit through a 35" gate and has 74hp. It is a remote control machine so the operator can be more precise with the stump removal. Our machine can fit through most gate openings and access tight places with very minimal impact on your landscaping.

A stump grinder has a steel wheel on the front with carbide-tipped teeth attached to it. As this wheel spins, like a saw blade, it is lowered down on the edge of the stump and grinds from side to side, going deeper in the ground with each swipe. The blade can go as deep as 15 inches below grade with a 70-inch swing in one pass.

We do not have a toy that you can rent at a local hardware store or a rental center. We own a 74hp Professional Grade Carlton Tree Stump Grinder.  We are insured for your protection and ours. We own our own equipment. We have also teamed up with a local tree service professional to offer complete tree service from total removal to tree trimming and pruning. We now do it all!

When we remove a stump, we will always keep you informed of the steps we are taking to get your job completed.

Tree stump removal is not as easy as it may seem, as gas lines and water pipes could be damaged. That is why we always use 811 utility locating service as part of the process, especially if we are unsure of where things are. We know that stumps in your yard can be a nuisance, that is why we make sure you understand and approve every step of the stump removal process. We use only the latest tools to ensure the work is done as efficiently and effectively as possible.